This school year, moms ― and their inboxes ― need a break.
"My husband attended every appointment during the first and second trimester. During one visit, a nurse told him, 'You don’t really have to keep coming to these.'”
The Republican Senate nominee in Georgia has spoken out against kids being raised in fatherless homes but has reportedly had limited contact with this child.
Personalized Yeti tumblers, kid-proof sunglasses, iPhone sanitizers and other thoughtful products new dads will love.
Whether it's new sneakers, grilling tools or coffee accessories, these gifts from Amazon, Etsy, Williams Sonoma and more are sure to put a smile on Dad's face.
"He grinned as if he had the world’s best secret and could barely contain it. 'I am making something special for someone special. It’s a surprise,' he told me."
Ryan Reynolds keeps proving he’s the king of Twitter, this time by trolling his friend, Hugh Jackman.
"It’s beautiful and terrifying," fellow parent and “Queer Eye" star Tan France commented on Schumer's post.
The “mommy and me” construct reinforces the myth that mothers have “magical bonds” with children, putting all the pressure on mothers for caretaking duties. At the same time, it pushes dads away.
The former president has opened up about his experience parenting Malia and Sasha.