Father's Day

Prince George adorably hugs his father's leg in the heartwarming snap, alongside his siblings Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.
The former president also tried to sell tickets to his upcoming tour, where plenty of seats remain unsold.
"My dad died from a brain tumor when he was 46 years old."
COVID-19 has been impossibly hard for so many American families. But there are some dynamics of the past year these fathers want to keep.
"Thank you very much for making me look stupid," one man said.
Your guide to everything from personalized beef jerky greeting cards to venison-flavored whiskey to an Honest Abe hat made for a dog.
On Sunday's "Watch What Happens Live," the famous dads held a virtual meetup for Benjamin Allen Cohen and Wyatt Morgan Cooper.
The Duchess of Cambridge also snapped a sweet photo of William and Prince Charles for Father's Day.
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are parents to Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.