Tuna, salmon, mackerel, sardines, oysters, clams and other seafood are transforming from pantry staples to sought-after specialties.
“There will be no wild-caught California salmon to eat unless someone has still got some vacuum sealed last year in their freezer."
“They respond to other individuals being frightened. In that regard, they behave just like us."
“It just demonstrates how ubiquitous these chemicals are in the environment,” one researcher said.
During a deep dive, scientists were amazed after they came across octopuses feeding on a dead whale carcass.
Dubbed "The Carrot" due to its bright-orange hue, the hybrid leather and koi carp weighed 67 pounds and 4 ounces — making it the second-biggest of its kind.
The demolition of the Klamath River dams is a huge victory for Native American tribes who depend on the fish.
The fishing duo posed for a photo with their catch just minutes before an official discovered something inside the animals.
Manatees are dying in America’s most biologically diverse waterway because of pollution.
The unprecedented red tide is creating a foul odor that may get worse during the oncoming heat wave.