Police believe the 17-year-old was responsible for dozens of fish-taping incidents between August and October.
TikTokers claim that this “hack” is their secret to achieving flawless, dewy skin. But how accurate are these claims?
The pearl darter will once again swim in its historic range in the Pearl River of Mississippi and Louisiana.
Police named an unlikely culprit that they believed caused an outage in a New Jersey community earlier this month.
The fish is an invasive species that's usually found throughout the Amazon and other parts of South America.
Tuna, salmon, mackerel, sardines, oysters, clams and other seafood are transforming from pantry staples to sought-after specialties.
“There will be no wild-caught California salmon to eat unless someone has still got some vacuum sealed last year in their freezer."
“They respond to other individuals being frightened. In that regard, they behave just like us."
“It just demonstrates how ubiquitous these chemicals are in the environment,” one researcher said.
During a deep dive, scientists were amazed after they came across octopuses feeding on a dead whale carcass.