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"I constantly grappled with the selfishness of extreme fitness juxtaposed with the selflessness of new motherhood, and the world had a lot to say about it."
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"Your blatant disregard of Ms. Schumer's physical well-being can only be interpreted as a deliberate effort to cause Ms. Schumer emotional distress."
The commercial shows a fictional woman’s yearlong selfie diary after her partner gifted her a Peloton Bike.
"In yoga class I spend most of the time stressing out about having to say NAMASTE at the end."
Working out can improve depression, but it often feels impossible when you're at a low point. Here's what to do when that happens.
The "Instant Family" actor's blasted physique earned instant praise from quarterback Tom Brady.
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President Donald Trump insulted a protester’s weight during a rally in New Hampshire.
"It’s one of those things I do for me," the country singer told HuffPost.
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A wellness program in north Minneapolis could become a model for the nation — delivering affordable, accessible fitness and nutrition where it’s needed most.
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