Food Allergies

Experts get to the bottom of whether tomatoes, eggplants and peppers can be bad for you.
I never considered how far-reaching the implications of this diagnosis could be.
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Experts with children share their recipes and tips for fellow parents.
"You do realize that gluten can kill people with celiac disease," one commenter tweeted.
“You wouldn’t eat a plate of food without checking what was on your plate, so you should have that same mentality with your skin care.
The school knew about his life-threatening condition, the boy's parents say.
I was riveted as Charles spoke of his family, his history, how art (specifically painting) influenced his ingredient choices
Certain foods and drinks are more often headache triggers than others.
I was sitting down at my computer when an email popped up on my screen. I smiled at my screen when I saw the return address
Children with peanut allergies are aided by the inclusion of probiotics in their normal treatment regimen, new research suggests.
Six-year-old Isaac Estes said his favorite part of vacation was eating at LuLu's.
Eating a diverse, plant-rich diet helps fuel the growth of beneficial bacteria. Microbes ― bacteria and other tiny critters