Food Art

They melt in your mouth... and under hot liquid metal.
Just five minutes and this beautiful thing can be sitting on your plate.
"The artists we work with, their relationship to food is so different," Creativty Explored curators explain.
These stunning creations caught our eye with their intricate detail, bright decorations and cream-filled centers.
Food art by Yen Hoang Captions by Joseph Guglielmo Each painting is meticulously nursed with careful chosen ingredients including
An exact century after the Cabaret Voltaire opened its doors in February 1916, one group performance descendant from Dada and Surrealist sensibilities this Valentine's Day was a performance art extravaganza called LUST, produced by the young New York artist-entertainer, designer and entrepreneur, Abby Hertz.
You can practically smell the fresh tomatoes.
To celebrate the recent 140th birthday of New York's most magnificent museum, we selected some of our favorite food-related pieces in the Met's collection -- which is online in its entirety, so there goes your afternoon -- and paired them, naturally, with something to eat.
Twilley’s post shies away from this bleakness, bookending its environmental critique with reflections on “aerior”: a reworking
In one year, Itamar Gilboa consumed, among other things, 19 apple cakes, 117 bananas, 113 potatoes, 22 pizzas, 111 liters