Food Informants

Good school food definitely does not happen overnight.
Okay, so being a distiller doesn't actually mean you down booze all day long... but it sort of does.
11:30am: While the guys at the restaurant unload my truck, I run to a nearby restaurant for lunch: a half-rotisserie chicken
Obsessed with cronuts? Chef Ansel is waking up every day at 3:30am for you!
Thursday June 13 10:30pm: Check to see what came in on the freight order that arrived today. We get groceries once a week
4:45pm: The meeting closes, and the staff is ushered off the to the plant lunch room. Everyone, including all of our union
4:30pm PAUL: Line up with staff at Tavernita. 1:45pm PAUL: Required pre-game milkshakes. 11:45pm TAD: San Francisco has the