Corner Store Caroline apologized but Jeremiah didn't forgive her, nor does he have to.
We need to hear stories from men who have taken responsibility for their actions.
He condemned the decades of misconduct by the Catholic Church in the U.S. and begged for forgiveness.
America loves to extend unconditional forgiveness to racists, and it's going to be our downfall.
To err is human, to forgive is divine. Maybe…. But I think it should say: To err is human. To forgive may be divine, but
Extending love to someone with a different opinion does not mean we are agreeing or forsaking our beliefs - it shows we're
Only by recognizing what the real emotion is behind the anger can there be more honest communication and heart opening. Forgiveness
But setting themselves too far apart from non-clergy can be unhealthy. The United Methodist study found that, indeed, social
Author Agapi Stassinopoulous walks us through a meditation from her book "Wake Up to the Joy of You" to help overcome disappointment.
No, this was a person who I consider more than an acquaintance but less than a loved one. Many people fall into this category
Floridians step up to help survivors of Orlando shooting July 7 gave us one of the most awful moments of 2016, when Micah
2. Live authentically We have to remember that our mistakes do not define us. They do not make us good people or bad people
But then he went to the reference desk to ask about a book. The librarian looked it up on her computer and said, "It's been
"On how many countries is U.S. ordnance falling at the moment? Some put the total at six; others, seven. For the record, those
Being caught in a system of seeing one person as the "broken" one or the person who needs to be "fixed" is a backward way
Forgiveness does not imply a lack of discernment or judgment. Quite the contrary. It requires a greater discernment. We are
I hired the wrong people. We've all made mistakes. I've made a ton of them. 2016 was the year of mistakes for me. A friend