"Some urged me to forgive him, citing forgiveness as an edict. Good people forgive. Was I a good person?"
“If I send him to hell, I’m also going with him,” said Santana. “But if I send him to the light, then I’m going to go with him also.”
As young student activists mobilize for more gun control following the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, a Sandy Hook mom explains why she ultimately forgave her son’s killer.
“I knew that if I was honest with her, it would clear my conscience,” the singer said.
The rapper posted emotional tributes to his family on Instagram, but specifically asked daughter Deyjah Harris and stepdaughter Zonnique Pullins to forgive him.
"I believe in forgiveness. I prayed on it," the rapper told Vogue for her cover story.
Tony Hicks killed Tariq Khamisa 24 years ago. Then Tariq's father and Tony's grandfather forged an unlikely friendship.
After the initial shock of his son's death subsided, Azim realized that there are victims on both sides of the gun.
Corner Store Caroline apologized but Jeremiah didn't forgive her, nor does he have to.
We need to hear stories from men who have taken responsibility for their actions.