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Since motherhood I have become quite the fan of a list. It helped to provide a daily routine and structure. If anything all those sleepless nights and years of breast feeding gives one time to think and to dream.
I don't know about you, but I cannot work in a cluttered environment. I like my desk to be tidy, my to-do list to be written and my office space to be well kept. If you're like me, you will find these tips very useful!
Summer is the perfect time to travel as a family, but it requires a lot of planning ahead. What I like to do is think of all the scenarios that may cause a complete meltdown and plan ways to avoid them. These are some of my tips for a peaceful and much more enjoyable family vacation.
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Christmas can be expensive. These days the Elf on the Shelf visits and brings gifts, presents are expected to be expertly wrapped and it is expected that you give everyone from the dog walker to the garbage man a gift.
Cute little candy labels will make lunch a more fun and "outfit of the week" tags will help you stay organized during the
Because there's really nothing quite like a handwritten note to show how grateful you are.
Who said being a great hostess meant spending big bucks?
As June 16 gets closer, let's take stock of the ways we can make our dad's day that much more special. We've covered an awesome
Excerpt: Listen up, brides-to-be! (You too, wedding-obsessed pinners.)
And you don't have to spend any extra money.
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