In a global pandemic, simple pleasures like post from someone you love feel all the more personal.
Obviously, it's not a new trope, but several of our favorite on-screen duos are going through it.
Join HuffPost in a Q&A about how intimacy, love, friendships and familial relationships are transforming during this global pandemic.
He also said he won't be able to watch Bryant's Hall of Fame ceremony.
Arguing over who "has it worse" during lockdown won't help, according to therapists.
It's OK to decline some of those Zoom invitations. And you don't have to feel guilty about it.
Just because the playdates are online, doesn't mean they can't be interactive. Think puppet shows, makeovers, or a music session.
"It took the sudden and unexpected inability to socialize offline to make me understand just how wonderful and valuable my internet friends truly are."
Social distancing during COVID-19 means you Facetime instead of heading over to your friend's house to hang. We don't want to spread this.
As COVID-19 creates the need for social distancing and quarantine, people are turning to video-chatting platforms to keep themselves sane and connected.