"Some may think this exercise silly or attention-seeking. I say to them: Live and let live. And if I am too much for you, go find less."
"Shame swept through my body and settled in my chest. ... I screwed up. Me of all people. I knew better."
"Through this process, what surprised me the most are the things that I learned about my friends, even those that I consider my lifelong friends."
Fans questioned the status of Gomez's relationship with her longtime pal and kidney donor after she deemed Swift her "only friend in the industry."
Whether it’s Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner meeting in Game of Thrones auditions, Titanic making BFFs out of Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio, or John Travolta and his buddy Pitbull getting matching hairstyles, Hollywood has formed some of the strongest - and most unlikely - friendships.
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