Gisele Bundchen

The seven-time Super Bowl champ shared that keeping his kids grounded can be challenging.
The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback is now his family's "second-best underwear model."
Roy Wood Jr.'s riff on the quarterback's retirement got an intriguing response from "The Daily Show" host.
The legendary quarterback replied to his wife's question at the Super Bowl on "Good Morning America" months later.
Randi Mahomes appeared to blame the Chiefs' Super Bowl loss on the officials.
The quarterback and Gisele Bündchen bought on Miami's Indian Creek Island, where Ivanka and Jared Kushner also have land, per media reports.
The NFL player said they went to couples counseling to get back on track — but it was a letter from his wife that has really stuck with him.
The model and her husband, Tom Brady, have a son, Benjamin, and daughter, Vivian.
The quarterback and the supermodel are all-pros at getting mushy.