Michelle Obama gives some expectant mothers clothes, shoes and other presents as she meets with soldiers and their families
This is the hardest article I've ever had to write because it means putting my biggest secret on display for everyone to see and use to judge me. It's a secret I've guarded for years, a secret I've cried over, a secret I shouldn't be scared to share, but I am.
Are we getting greater titillation from our tech at bedtime than the lovers we lay next to? What has happened to the days of screen-free intimacy?
I asked Jennifer Krychowecky what she gave up during her nine-year journey caring for her mother, Linda Krychowecky, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease at the age of 59. Her response was eye opening.
"Give me your definition of what it means to be a girl?" That is the question photographer Kate Parker asked 13-year-old Callen Swiegart between her football game and cotillion class.
I talked to Amanda and her mother and asked them what they felt they needed and would really appreciate on our special day together. Most important to Amanda was that she and her mother could be pampered at the same time.
Amanda, who served as a Marine in Iraq and Afghanistan, was injured not once but twice and is the recipient of two Purple Hearts. She is grateful to be alive and despite her injuries she heroically continues to serve our country in the Air National Guard. Both Amanda Martinez and her mom Deborah were nominated for a GLAM4GOOD day of pampering by The Bob Woodruff Foundation, a national non-profit that helps the well-being of post-9/11 injured service members, veterans and their families.
Sometimes it feels like girls have to act and look a certain way because it's what is expected of them, and if you don't act or look this way you will be judged. This pressure can cause insecurity.
What does a 42-year-old mother of four do when she loses her job and ends up in a homeless shelter? Not to mention that her
Adelina Mateo was a once homeless mother of four, and her youngest daughter, Jazel, has autism spectrum disorder. After losing her job, Adelina was forced to move to a Brooklyn shelter with her family. Birch Family Services, an organization that provides education, habilitation, residential services to people with developmental disabilities, nominated Adelina and her daughter Jazel for Glam4Good.
I think the answer is, love yourself because you are you. Be confident in yourself because you are you. Don't let the size you are dictate how you feel about yourself or how much confidence you have.
A year later, out of unthinkable tragedy, inspired by the kindness of others and in support of her first-graders, Kaitlin
When tragedy struck Sandy Hook Elementary School, first-grade teacher Kaitlin Roig-DeBellis, used her quick-thinking to keep her 15 students safe. Kaitlin founded the organization, Classes 4 Classes, to help prevent future violence and nominated fellow teacher, Kristi McCann and her class to get Glam4Good.
It's quite overwhelming to be in the presence of someone who crushes multiple stereotypes, and does it with grace. Misty Copeland is African American. She does not have the typical "ballerina's body." She didn't have access to classical ballet early in life, so she began dancing "late" -- at age 13.
You Can Thrive Gives Glam4Good 10 Self Care Tips For Breast Cancer Risk Reduction 1. Eat organically and/or locally produced
A few months prior to her cancer diagnosis, Stephanie noticed an unusual lump forming in her right breast. She didn't really think much of it. It wasn't until months later, while laying in bed, that she felt the lump again. At the time, she was just 31 and had never thought of getting a mammogram until after 40. 24 hours later, Stephanie got the call that would change her life forever.
In a world of over-Photoshopped magazine covers, Kerry Washington's stunning Allure cover is remarkably refreshing. Washington's
Silly smiling faces are always in style GLAM4GOOD is fan of Kamel Lahmadi's high-spirited, joyful pictures. Lahmadi is a
"In many magazines photos of female bodies are altered -- our brave volunteers shed it all to show that any real body type
Lena adds that, after being lots of different weights and sizes, she's learned that being comfortable in your body in the