"It was 10 months into his treatment when I finally broke in front of him, and he revealed the surprising yet profound truth he was using to guide his way through his diagnosis."
"The women on the app understood my grief and bewilderment better than my own very supportive partner, because they’d been through it or something like it."
"I mentioned the possibility of the 'L' word when describing [Steve] to my best friend. ... She was aghast."
When a couple experiences a pregnancy loss, the feelings of the non-pregnant partner often go overlooked.
Grief is a sequel to love. Here’s how I make it more bearable for my community.
"When 'Gilmore Girls' premiered, I reveled in the fact that I already had the Lorelai to my Rory."
After the recent California mass shootings, there’s something fundamentally distinct that has complicated our grief. How do we, as Asian Americans, cope?
"There were a few phrases that came up over and over again. ... Many just floated past me ... but others became lodged under my skin."
"Shame swept through my body and settled in my chest. ... I screwed up. Me of all people. I knew better."
"I hadn’t 'rendezvoused' in eight years. That’s when my first husband died in a car accident on his commute home from work."