"I was clinging tightly to the life I had before. I wanted ― and thought I needed ― everything to stay the same, because if it did, then Simon wouldn’t be dead."
"In my mind, it’s hard to know what to save, what to delete and what is gone forever. I hoard digital memories hoping they will safeguard me from future loss."
"These tattoos have boosted my self-esteem and helped me love my body again ― something I haven’t felt since I was young."
Therapists and fans weigh in on the pregnancy loss meaning in this "Midnights" bonus track.
The comedian and journalist discussed how their shared anxiety as kids dealing with grief shaped their adulthoods.
"There was no way for me to see the possibility of healing on the day the sheriff and coroner pounded on my front door."
"They say you never forget your first love. In my case, Diane was the only girl I ever loved."
"The moment my mom left, her boyfriend knew something was off. He called the police over and over begging for help, but there was nothing they could do."
"Kai was, for a 59-year-old man, incredibly healthy. He ate all the right things, exercised every day, saw doctors regularly. ... But cancer found him anyway."
Kobe Bryant’s death left thousands of fans in enormous grief. But why do we experience overwhelming sadness for a person who we’ve never even met?