Widows like Amanda Kloots have enough on their plate emotionally without having to deal with people's judgment, too.
Clarissa Saunders died in Orlando, Florida, where she was attending a watch party for her daughter.
"What do we do now with all the grief that never had its proper chance to be shared in person?"
"My mind raced with fantasies about my own complete cleanout ― not just of my closet ... but of the pain and grief that had paralyzed my mind and body for the past four years."
The late "Glee" star's loved ones are reflecting on her legacy on the first anniversary of her death.
"I could have walked away when Steve told me he was mostly interested in men, but I didn't. I felt something beautiful and true blossoming, and I stayed."
"My dad died from a brain tumor when he was 46 years old."
Widows and children impacted by the coronavirus share how they feel about post-pandemic life and how they're navigating the grieving process.
"It’s easy to wonder what one thing I could have done that might have changed the events of that day."