In an emotional interview, the "Dukes of Hazzard" star reflected on his last words with Alicia, who died in February at age 53.
"I felt marooned on an island of grief shared by no one, clutching our joint history like a broken raft with no hope of being rescued."
Chloe Lattanzi plans to take time off to address "health issues in my mind and my body" as she grieves the loss of her famous mom, who died last year.
"She seemed oblivious to my distress as she torqued her body toward the mirror to admire herself."
"When they die, it's like an extended member of our family dies."
"There were a few phrases that came up over and over again. ... Many just floated past me ... but others became lodged under my skin."
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"I had gone from being an active, outgoing 20-something ... to someone who found it difficult to get through the day."