“No photoshoot production was required for the making of this issue,” the magazine’s illustrated cover reads.
Model Ayesha Tan Jones appeared in the show, but wrote the words “mental health is not fashion” on their hands.
The four-time Grammy winner showed off his Gucci footwear at the GQ Men of the Year Awards. "It feels so good," he said.
The Italian luxury label sent one model out in a jacket with the words "My Body My Choice" on the back.
“Sikhs in India and in the diaspora globally have faced discrimination and persecution due to their religiously mandated Turban,” said one advocate.
Kering, the luxury group that owns Gucci and Saint Laurent, said the change will go into effect next year.
The Gucci look is a callback to the fashion house's nightmarish show last year where models carried copies of their heads.
The concept may seem ridiculous, but the fashion house’s latest offering is just an addition to a larger trend.
Burberry has joined the likes of Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana with its most recent controversy — a hoodie with a noose around the neck, which some say glamorizes suicide.
Gucci head Marco Bizzarri thanked Harlem fashion icon Dapper Dan for helping bring community leaders to the table to meet with the CEO.
The pale pink gown is plain old perfection.
"I am a Black man before I am a brand," the Harlem fashion designer said.
The Italian luxury brand removed the $890 top from its website and stores after people compared it with racist caricatures.
Los Angeles is preparing to pull fur off the shelves for good.
“If Guwop can change for the better anybody can!” he wrote in an Instagram post explaining that he spent more than five years of his career incarcerated.
Black dresses and tuxedos will be available for bidding starting Jan. 19.