Halloween Decorations

Angela Nava just wanted to provide levity, but the homeowners association found the decorations "inappropriate."
This isn't a trick, just a treat — we found Halloween decor that you don't have to store away after Oct. 31.
Police in Tennessee do not want to hear about it.
Enjoy, laugh, eat and have a ghoulishly frightful holiday! Boo!
Be the "scream" of the party with Saved red. This ghoulishy-good wine is a uniquely Californian blend of Merlot, Zinfandel
After my grandfather died, my grandmother took a ceramics class. She got out of it exactly what she needed -- distraction, friendship, and a sense that she could be happy and engaged once again. Grandma made more than a dozen pieces, and not too long ago, I did something I thought I'd never do: I gave them a creepy Halloween makeover.
What happens when you take three unsuspecting huskies and introduce them to a Howling Halloween Bone Dog? I will give you