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Stylish pill cases and organizers from brands like Port and Polish and Cadence.
The 31,000-year-old skeleton's early surgery “rewrites the history of human medical knowledge and developments."
A ‘pacemaker’ for the brain has helped a number of Alzheimer’s patients regain some of the cognitive function that they had previously lost because of the disease. The process involves placing tiny electrical wires deep within the frontal lobes of the brain and then applying a small electrical current.
The service, which will shut down at the end of the year, lasted three years and connected patients with doctors 24/7.
A new omicron subvariant, BA.2, is now the dominant COVID strain, however, doctors have seen it function like a bad cold.
Dr. Kutluk Oktay, Dr. Marjorie Dixon and Sybil Azur explain how early young women should start thinking about their fertility.
Once again, a Republican challenge to former-President Barack Obama’s signature health care law has failed.
CPR kits, triple antibiotic ointment, tweezers and other essentials that might save you a trip to the ER.
Even though vitamins, pain relievers and allergy pills are widely available, there's a limit to how much you should take on your own.
"It’s got a lot of us, quietly behind the scenes, very worried about outbreaks of some of these other diseases,” said one pediatric infectious diseases specialist.