Health and Medicine

Residents of Igiugig used vehicles to light up a runway, enabling a plane to land and pick up a girl needing medical aid.
Experts say that the fall could bring with it a resurgence of the coronavirus and warned that the virus could intersect with flu season.
"It should not take a global pandemic to treat residents like humans. We love our jobs, but we just want basic rights."
Muslim medical workers continue to provide essential services in the U.S. and around the world — even while fasting for Ramadan
President Donald Trump suggested bleach injections could be a cure for coronavirus. It’s the latest in a long line of bogus treatments that he’s considered.
The famous statue in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil honored health care workers fighting against the coronavirus.
Can blood from COVID-19 survivors help other people fight the illness?
"It's sad to me that people are promoting that drug," Dr. William Haseltine said of the anti-malarial medication Trump has repeatedly touted.
The Vesper, or ventilation expansion splitter, can be produced cheaply with a 3D printer, its creators said.
Here's which medical and dental visits you should keep and which you should postpone during the COVID-19 pandemic.