Health and Medicine

The patient snorted a cannabis-filled balloon before going into prison and thought he had swallowed it, doctors said.
Ambrosia founder Jesse Karmazin is in damage control mode. It's not going well.
President Donald Trump’s understanding of the kidney suggests he may have played hooky during Biology 101.
I believed I had trouble breathing because I was fat, because fat people are unfit, because fat people are sick.
“Hysteria” symptoms sound an awful lot like endometriosis, one of the most common gynecological diseases in women.
“I just don’t understand the mindset of people who want to spread fear," Joshua Nerius said of anti-vaxxers, "who are willfully deciding to ignore the facts."
The truth is our early ancestors didn’t all die at 30 — and medical science has given us less of a boost than you think.
Doctors were stunned that the curious clot came out of the patient completely intact.
The life expectancy of Americans continues to drop, while drug overdose and suicide rates soar.
In the early 1950s, the university's hospital stole cells from Lacks, who has been called the "mother of modern medicine."
Dr. Gary Tigges has made troubling comments in the past.
As the feds crack down on opioid prescriptions, patients are taking their own lives, doctors are losing their jobs and overdose rates continue unabated.
In a growing trend, the U.S. finds itself alone in a fight over a proposed U.N. declaration -- this time on tuberculosis.
Last year, female doctors on average made 27.7 percent — or $105,000 — less than the average male physician.
Santorum disparaged March For Our Lives and suggested teens learn CPR instead of trying to change gun laws.
“We literally know less about every aspect of female biology compared to male biology.”
Government authorities are preventing surgical kits, insulin, dialysis equipment and other supplies from reaching the enclave of 400,000 people.
There is a persistent myth that just won’t go away: that sometimes it’s better to make less money than more money. For example