Health and Medicine

In the early 1950s, the university's hospital stole cells from Lacks, who has been called the "mother of modern medicine."
Dr. Gary Tigges has made troubling comments in the past.
As the feds crack down on opioid prescriptions, patients are taking their own lives, doctors are losing their jobs and overdose rates continue unabated.
In a growing trend, the U.S. finds itself alone in a fight over a proposed U.N. declaration -- this time on tuberculosis.
Last year, female doctors on average made 27.7 percent — or $105,000 — less than the average male physician.
Santorum disparaged March For Our Lives and suggested teens learn CPR instead of trying to change gun laws.
“We literally know less about every aspect of female biology compared to male biology.”
Government authorities are preventing surgical kits, insulin, dialysis equipment and other supplies from reaching the enclave of 400,000 people.
There is a persistent myth that just won’t go away: that sometimes it’s better to make less money than more money. For example
Transgender students who are not allowed to use the bathroom that corresponds with their gender identity will not be receiving any help from federal officials.
It’s official: Your new baby qualifies as a dependent.
At-home DNA testing options are becoming practically mainstream these days, as we’ve all seen kits (think 23andMe and FamilyTreeDNA
The Department of Homeland Security has drafted proposed new rules making it harder for immigrants to get permanent residency if they have received certain public benefits.
Research shows children who play in nature are more likely to grow up to be environmentalists.
Certified organic cotton is grown, harvested, processed and manufactured without chemicals.
Many consumers choose to limit their BPA exposure while research on its effects continues.
They play a role in almost every aspect of abortion care, and they shouldn't have to.