Health Insurance

It is the second large recent healthcare deal to win a thumbs up from the U.S. Justice Department.
The Trump administration is under scrutiny for shortening the enrollment period and scheduling lengthy maintenance downtime for the website.
Consumers need to select carefully and compare plans when buying pet insurance.
Can a doctor defeat the congressman who saved Obamacare repeal?
“The idea of not being covered when you’re in a crisis ... is an unconscionable thing to me,” said the “Veep” star, who was diagnosed with cancer a year ago.
It's the same thing Donald Trump, Paul Ryan and the rest of the party tried last year.
Sen. Tammy Baldwin says this crusade is personal -- and if she can force a vote, she will.
Senate Republicans claim their bill will protect people with pre-existing conditions. It won't — unlike Obamacare, which does.
Our priorities are really messed up when it's normal for people to crowdfund their cancer treatment or donate vacation days so a colleague can take maternity leave.
Obamacare's future hinges on who controls Washington -- and state capitals, too.
State officials explain why new rules for "short term" insurance are so dangerous.
Some Americans will buy "short-term" plans and save money — unless they get sick.
The study authors suspect these differences from straight peers come down to bias.
The "incredible health care plans" he's so excited about won't even be available to buy until September.
It will probably mean less help for the very people who need Affordable Care Act coverage the most.
On the 70th birthday of the NHS, lessons from a country that spends three times less on health care but has longer life expectancies.
If you pine for the days when an insurance company could reject your application based on pre-existing conditions, you'll love what Jeff Sessions is up to now.
Cancer treatment can leave patients infertile or sterile. These laws help them plan for their future families.
The messy health insurance exchange market was starting to settle down before Trump came along.