Health Insurance will be accepting applications through May 15, a period about twice as long as annual open enrollment.
Shoring up the Affordable Care Act was always on Biden's agenda, but officials say the coronavirus pandemic has made it even more urgent.
President Joe Biden is reportedly expected to sign an executive order Thursday, fulfilling a campaign promise.
An imperfect, bipartisan compromise on "surprise billing" would make a big difference to consumers.
The president-elect also has to figure out how to accomplish his own plans to make health care more affordable without Congress.
The election is over, but the threat to health insurance for 21 million Americans isn't.
"I am living proof of how bad it was before the Affordable Care Act. The fact that I am still alive and survived until it was passed is because I was lucky."
"Keep your plan" promises are never ironclad, as Barack Obama learned the hard way.
If the GOP really wants voters to believe they support people with preexisting conditions, here's a simple way to prove it.
The Ensuring Lasting Smiles Act would end coverage denials for treating birth anomalies, improving access to needed care for people with facial differences.