Health Insurance

The program is big and a longtime object of Republican ire. It's also a lifeline for tens of millions, many of whom are not the people you think.
The Biden administration credits higher subsidies and more aggressive promotion, part of Democratic efforts to bolster the Affordable Care Act following years of Republican hostility.
“They don’t have a right to health, but they have a right to access to get that health,” the now-Senate candidate said in 2013.
Senate Democrats needed 10 Republican votes following a Parliamentarian ruling. They got only seven.
A new report highlights the impact of two pandemic-related initiatives — and suggests what will happen if lawmakers let them lapse.
The guest host literally changed lives with this wonderful stunt.
Here's how to communicate with your doctor and health insurance company to get the medication or procedures you may need.
“It’s challenging for employers to navigate what is a rapidly evolving legal landscape,” said Sharon Masling, the head of Morgan Lewis’s reproductive rights task force.
Many people have no idea their company health insurance already covers abortion – including travel.
The proposed regulation would help address the Affordable Care Act's "family glitch."