Heart Attack

Look out for your heart health by paying attention to these symptoms.
A twist of fate due to the coronavirus pandemic "saved his life," his wife said.
Briahna Joy Gray also baselessly claimed presidential hopeful Michael Bloomberg had suffered heart attacks. She later said she "misspoke."
The Democratic presidential hopeful had a heart attack in October.
Polling indicates voters have significant doubts about whether the Vermont senator is healthy enough to serve as president.
Critics say the Sanders campaign wasn't being transparent when they didn't disclose his heart attack after he was hospitalized last week.
The Vermont senator and Democratic presidential candidate hopes his recent hospitalization will be a lesson to the public.
The Vermont senator’s presidential campaign and top supporters say they are buoyed by a wave of support following the 78-year-old’s hospitalization.
Heart disease has long been considered a man's disease. Experts weigh in on how we can change that.