Helena Christensen

This will be the actress’s first child and the actor’s second.
Gemma Ward Just as fast as Ward ascended to the top of the modeling stratosphere in 2002, she disappeared in 2009, shortly
The era of one-name supers -- Cindy, Claudia, Naomi, Christie -- seems to be upon us again. This week, it's Helena Christensen whose getting another moment in the spotlight, covering FutureClaw Magazine with a seriously sexy, partially nude spread.
Check out some of Helena's gorgeous FutureClaw photos and see the rest of the (NSFW) bunch at FutureClaw.com. My, how you
Check out the covers in question below -- and scroll down to watch Helena's "Wicked Game" video as a consolation prize. Not
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In the conversation about women's bodies and their portrayal in the media, models often come off as the bad guys -- they're