Gov. Gavin Newsom said pre-exposure and post-exposure drugs have "transformed our fight against HIV and AIDS."
The "Queer Eye" star said he was inspired to support the senator after he paid $3,500 to replace his HIV medication last month.
Released on the Queen frontman's 73rd birthday, “Love Me Like There’s No Tomorrow” is a musical testament to "perseverance" in the face of prejudice.
An HIV-positive doctor is accused of spreading the disease to hundreds of unsuspecting patients, but experts warn a crumbling health care system is to blame.
PrEP has been shown to reduce the risk of HIV for people at high risk by up to 92% — but it's vastly underutilized.
A conversation with director Dan Krauss on his new documentary about "compassion and confronting bigotry and bias with grace."
Actor, dancer and choreographer John Alix says the Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS fundraiser has deeply personal significance.
California-based Gilead Sciences Inc. has agreed to donate HIV prevention drugs that reduce the risk of HIV transmission for up to 200,000 people a year.
The Queen of Pop received GLAAD's Advocate for Change Award at a starry New York fête.
There is “effectively zero” chance of spreading the virus that causes AIDS if infected patients receive antiretroviral treatment, researchers found.
Scientists altered the virus to deliver a gene that the children lacked. It's not yet known whether the fix will be permanent.
Republican Gov. Doug Ducey signed legislation to remove anti-LGBTQ language from the law.
Lee said during his Senate confirmation hearing Wednesday he regrets his past writings on AIDS and sexual assault.
Black women are disproportionately affected by HIV compared to women of other races.
The "London patient" case gives doctors hope that they might soon find a cure for AIDS.
Marc Short criticized the "perverted lifestyles homosexuals pursue" in a column he wrote for his college newspaper in 1992.
The president is still going after his wall, but it's now a "see-through steel barrier."
The president announced a 10-year plan for reducing the spread of the disease across the U.S.
He dismissed the AIDS crisis and embraced the bigotry of the religious right.