Fans of Jeremy Scott's over-the-top designs are in for a treat.
The moves follows shocking reports about garment industry labor conditions.
The company soon said it would withdraw a lawsuit claiming Jason “Revok” Williams couldn’t assert a copyright on his mural.
While fast-fashion is single handedly taking over our closets with inexpensive brands like H&M and Forever 21, we may not
The company didn’t disclose what the role's responsibilities would be.
The Swedish clothing company temporarily closed stores in the Johannesburg area.
“U got us all wrong! And we ain’t going for it! Straight up!"
He said he was "shocked and embarrassed" by the photo of a black child model wearing a monkey sweatshirt.
Retail giant H&M is under fire after it posed a young black model in a hoodie reading, “Coolest monkey in the jungle.”
Your wallet might love Zara, but your conscience doesn't.
By applying pressure and threatening to withdraw these contracts, these retailers are using their power and influence to try and change the situation.
This week the Gap launched their new summer collection with a video campaign featuring Americans all across the country. One
Have you ever considered where your clothing comes from? No, not the brand name, but the workers who stitched together your