The group leading the rescue effort expects the costs to spay, neuter, vet and transport the animals to exceed $100,000.
The candy has reportedly been described as “tropical drywall,” “plaster surprise” and “attic citrus.”
I hate to get into a game of semantics here, but I have been 'home'-less for the past 18 months.
As I trudged sniffling up our basement stairs, I realized that I didn't keep all those boxed basement relics for my kids, I kept them so I wouldn't forget. Regardless, High School Graduation, the monumental milestone that heralds adulthood and independent life, has a way of making the last 18 years unforgettable.
Some dogs were reportedly found inside the walls of the Howell Township home.
Vince Hannemann, the eccentric creator of the "Cathedral of Junk" in Austin, Texas maintains that his enormous accumulation of "junk" grew out of the playful sculptures he built in his backyard as a child.
Josh, 14, says he didn't know what a "normal" house was like until he had a sleepover at a friend's house when he was 10
Kelli says she's living a "hoarding nightmare" in her house that's filled with receipts from over a decade ago, unopened
Hoarding is a problem that worsens with age.
It's more than you may realize.