Holiday Entertaining

For the host looking to shake things up this holiday season.
You'll be the star of your next white elephant party.
Ensure a happy holiday with these pointers on everything from décor to the feast itself.
Holidays present great opportunities for kids of all ages to play together and make new friends, but keep an eye on the toys
The holidays are a great time of year, filled with family dinners and celebrations, gatherings with friends, holiday parties, and lots of socializing. But because of my hearing loss, all the socializing and holiday hubbub can be exhausting.
Pretty enough to distract your guests from noticing you're on the third glass...
One tradition that transcends all industries and workplace settings is the holiday party. Many employees wait all year for
Not having notice doesn’t have to stop you from making your guests feel special! Show your friends & family how much you care (and what a great host you are!) by making them a treat from scratch using items you already have at home in your pantry.
You can find Kathy Fielder on her website: XG: Do you use any horse motifs in your
Los Angeles may not be famous for its fall colors, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy autumn florals on your Thanksgiving. Seasonal flowers and fall-inspired arrangements help everyone get in the season -- even if the leaves aren't changing outside.
Speaking as a professional, I can tell you that this is the time of year that it's really important to become organized at work as well as at home. Before we know it the holidays are going to be here and the craziness will begin.
Both Halloween and New Year's Eve bookend a season of partying that is taking place at several small and often more intimate
Now's the perfect time to begin the preparations necessary to give our little ones the best magical holiday they surely are looking forward to.
The holidays are here, and you're wondering what kind of wine you should have on hand. Never fear, here is a top selection of wine for hostess gifts, impromptu get-togethers, family holiday parties, and quiet nights sitting by the fire.
One word: dentist. When you're at a holiday party engaging women in witty banter, the last thing you want is for them to be wondering -- disgusting tartar build-up, or deviled egg leftovers? Either way -- ewwwww.