Holiday Travel

These jackets roll up into themselves, making packing for cooler temperatures a breeze.
Here's how to reduce your risk for delays, know when they're coming and make the experience less miserable overall.
We talk strategy, must-have items, packing tips and more with some seriously seasoned travelers.
Whether you're visiting family, treating yourself to a much-needed vacation or just want a new set, now's the time to upgrade your suitcases and bags.
2. Holbox Island, Yucatan Holbox Island is one of Quintana Roo's best kept secrets. Remote and undisturbed, this twenty-six
The fast-growing 'sharing economy,' which enables buyers and sellers to connect through digital platforms, can perform a great service by increasing choice and independence for Americans with disabilities, including many who wish to travel during the holiday season.
Cable Car Caroling. To get the full flavor of San Francisco we traveled via cable cars - many of which have been in service
Everyone hates flying, but brown people have it especially rough. Comedian and famous brown man Aasif Mandvi shows brown people how to blend in with the white folks and actually make their flight in this hysterical but all-too-true Flight Safety PSA. NOTE: these examples have actually happened. Seriously. We wish we were making this up. To learn more about how you can help refugees and families in crisis, visit the International Rescue Committee at