Home Buying and Selling

Think twice before you invest in a top-of-the-line kitchen remodel.
It carries a penalty of up to 30 years in jail or $1 million in fines.
It's not Chip and Joanna's fault, but we need to drop some reality.
Here are the five most important things to consider.
Your mortgage payment is only the beginning.
You may not need tens of thousands of dollars to purchase a house.
Shockingly, your roof is off-limits. And that's not all.
What’s tricky about bad advice is that often it sounds good.
A low credit score isn't always a deal breaker.
It might seem like a scam, but not if the math works out in your favor.
When it comes to getting a mortgage, all the benefits of a tiny home could suddenly become roadblocks.
First-time homebuyers should be especially wary.
Here's what they don't show you on TV.
Paying an HOA fee is like paying rent on top of the mortgage, isn't it?
You might not get that interest write-off after all.
Do you really need to save 10 percent of your income?