Home Smarts

Professional lifestyle blogger Stacey Platt from Dwell Well shares surprising tips to add convenience and help save time when doing everyday household chores.
We're all guilty of getting sucked into the black hole.
If you find yourself browsing Pinterest for hours, you're not alone.
I've been living off the grid, 11 miles from the nearest power pole, since 1991. That certainly tilts my bias toward using the most efficient lighting technology available, everywhere in my home. But what I actually have is a mix of all the available technologies.
Home decor enthusiasts are replacing the perfect body with the perfect lampshade.
More single homebuyers are entering the real estate market than ever before.
Before they worked their magic, this was a raw and industrial blank canvas.
I love buying furniture and accessories online, as the choices are endless! There are things to keep in mind when purchasing furniture online.