Three other people sustained gunshot wounds during the late-night event.
"Everybody's telling me I'm lucky," Caroline Sasaki said, after a 5-foot piece of rock smashed through the wall of her living room.
The wounds included a serious head injury, lacerations, bruising and loss of consciousness.
Samuela Tuikolongahau Jr. allegedly used counterfeit bank checks to to try to bail three people out of a jail.
Kilauea Volcano is now erupting a steady stream of lava after a period of intermittent pulsing.
The U.S. Navy has suspended use of World War II-era fuel tank farm above a Hawaii aquifer that supplies nearly 20% of Honolulu’s drinking water.
Isaac and Lehua Kalua were arrest on suspicion of second-degree murder in the death of their 6-year-old adopted daughter Isbella.
The Haiku Stairs have been a controversial tourist destination for decades, although they've been officially closed to trekkers since 1987.
“This is about public health," the city's mayor said, pointing to surging rates of COVID-19 linked to the delta variant.
“I just didn’t know I was pregnant, and then this guy just came out of nowhere,” Lavinia “Lavi” Mounga admitted after giving birth on a plane to Hawaii.