How We Live: Wellness

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is investigating a sudden spike in severe lung disease cases connected to vaping and e-cigarettes.
I was a fat kid, and the learned self-loathing and sense of nobodiness that defined my childhood came primarily from diet culture.
Experts explain how we process the sugar in an apple differently from the sugar in a cookie.
The advice to "calm down" is not helpful. These tips actually work on your brain.
The singer channeled researcher Brené Brown's mantra and told fans in a Twitter thread: "That mess in your mind is not a mess. It is who you are."
The "Arrow" actor shared several photos of himself in the hospital last year and explained to fans that he no longer wants "to project a curated life."
Plus, sleep experts share how frequently it needs to happen to be classified as a chronic issue.
Experts say it’s most effective to intervene before the age of 5.
People often equate the condition with quickly changing your mind or emotions. That's simplistic and wrong.
Here’s the most nutritious produce you should eat daily — if you aren’t already.
Cinema this year has helped us become more fluent about trauma so that we can relate to each other more openly about our vulnerability.
Kamala Harris is a spin class and cooking devotee and Cory Booker meditates daily.
Want to know the most healthful produce to eat? The answer is probably simpler than you anticipated.
A former Mary Kay consultant recounts how the multilevel marketing company kept her loyal, even though she wasn't making any money.
“We have given marijuana the status of medicine with none of the standards.”
A PRRI survey suggests there is no state in which more than 25% of residents support a total ban on abortion.
The false teeth were discovered after he went to the emergency room because he was having a hard time swallowing.
Tennessee attempted to pass the same bill during this year’s legislative session but stopped short when lawmakers realized it would result in the state losing costly court battles.
For people with low access to healthy food and high blood pressure, it's free money for groceries.