How We Live: Wellness

Phelps told the Associated Press that while many people care about an athlete's physical well-being, he "never saw caring about our mental well-being.”
Quieter spaces and strict social distancing measures mean my gym is more female-friendly and body diverse than ever.
The CDC is warning parents and health care workers to watch out for symptoms of a rare polio-like disease that mostly targets children, usually between August and November.
"Just because I’m visually impaired and sometimes need help doesn’t mean I’m helpless."
Will we still have to wear masks? Can we go to events? Here's what to expect long term from the coronavirus pandemic.
A Human Rights Campaign survey took an in-depth look at the coronavirus pandemic's impact on queer communities of color.
The number of tests per day slid 3.6% over the past two weeks to 750,000, according to an AP analysis.
A November ballot initiative would decriminalize drug possession and build a treatment program outside of the criminal justice system.
"I know we can’t relive a memory, but maybe we can rebuild one," the "Aquaman" star said in a moving short film about the project.
Read this to figure out if your physician has some sketchy beliefs not supported by science. Illness is caused by demon sex, for example.