How We Live: Wellness

Depression and anxiety have been increasing at a staggering rate among Black students. It's time to examine the systems that are holding us back from sound health.
"I was panicking every day, for most of the day, and after a few weeks of this I was both physically and emotionally exhausted."
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"That first night ... I said out loud, 'I’ve hit an all-time low.' But something amazing started to happen over those first few weeks of sleeping with a stuffed animal."
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Earlier Saturday, authorities in the Xinjiang region opened up some neighborhoods in Urumqi after residents held late-night demonstrations against the city’s “zero-COVID” lockdown.
"While I myself don’t experience emetophobia (fear of vomiting), making a concoction of split pea soup, white vinegar and crackers to put in my mouth and spit into a toilet was definitely a discomfort I could have lived without."
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