How We Live: Wellness

"I thought, you know, ‘Fireball will fix this ― duh. And it didn’t,'" the "Nashville" actor said.
"After three years of intensive therapy and a lifetime of denying the reality of my past, I can finally say it out loud," Christian Weissmann shared with HuffPost.
Finding your community as an older adult is possible, but it’s going to take some effort.
Magnesium citrate, magnesium hydroxide and magnesium L-threonate all have their specific uses. Here's what to know.
The four-time Grammy winner tells Rolling Stone that getting compared to Shawn Mendes and other male stars took a toll on his self-confidence.
"Not once had I wondered if my own rapid-fire thinking ... had any connection to ADHD, the very thing I advertised to clients as my top area of expertise."
In the weeks leading up to a cardiac event, many people report similar symptoms.
Seven sheriff's deputies and three staff from a state hospital have been charged with murder in the death of Irvo Otieno, 28.
The show is in its third season and puts mental health on display.
Soccer coach Ted Lasso is coming to the White House — in the form of Emmy-winning actor Jason Sudeikis.