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The United States reported more than 55,400 new COVID-19 cases on Thursday, a new daily global record.
Can the agency reclaim its voice while avoiding political blowback from the White House?
The map shows that 36 out of 50 states have experienced no “days of decrease in confirmed cases.” Only 14 states show such decreases according to the graphic.
Mental health experts share how they process racism and brutality, along with the self-care methods helping them in this moment.
Put away the sour cream and mayonnaise. These remedies will provide relief after you've forgotten to wear sunscreen.
The daily increase could reach 100,000 unless a nationwide push is made to tamp down the fast-spreading, according to Dr. Anthony Fauci.
The president repeated the claim as the U.S. reeled from record spikes in new daily cases of COVID-19.
Across the country, cases of COVID-19 are suddenly surging, particularly in states that had begun to reopen.
An investigation revealed that the U.S. public health system has been starved for decades and lacks the resources necessary to confront the worst health crisis in a century.
“The least people could do is put on a mask,” said the sister of a grocery store worker who died from COVID-19 in May.