And here I am today, living the dream in the Mexican Caribbean, working full-time as a fine artist, writer, speaker and coach
That was quite the Super Bowl and we saw something we've never seen before. We also saw more of something we will continue to see more of in the form of business branding themselves more on beliefs than benefits. But this is your space.
But there are also agents of change - both individual and institutional - who are tirelessly working to change the human
Last weekend's anti-human, Muslim ban in the USA and the ensuing massacre of six Muslim men by a white-nationalist in Quebec
In the end they all failed, of course, some more ignominiously than others. History can be merciless to leaders who offer
We also believe that collective prosperity begins with authentic and organic connections. In the last century the world has
Catriona is also the director of CP Communications, which merges traditional PR tactics with cutting-edge social media strategies
2. Become an Expert Communicator While building up an engaged community; one that likes and shares their own user generated
Storytelling starts in childhood, as kids narrate events to their parents. Their stories--fragmented, short, and sometimes
"These, my Holy Brothers, are sweet. You must have one. You must." Wired as this man was to the experience that everything
Researchers who have studied the role of multiculturalism suggest the importance of reading different versions of traditional
Yes, I was talking. That I was sure of. But my syntax and pacing were odd -- almost as if I was translating a Dead Sea Scroll
And in the end, it is story, not data, that helps win the day, regardless of the veracity of the story. In the wrong hands
Ceremony by Leslie Marmon Silko A profound and moving work of Native American literature about a deeply scarred World War
I've found that there are 3 common myths about writing that are, frankly, BS. I used to believe these, and I wonder if you
Malnutrition as a Global Development Challenge: to impact awareness and understanding of malnutrition as a development problem
In fact, that study found that the more we chatter about our experiential purchases, the more happiness we derive from them
I try to drink my coffee black, or with some natural Stevia in it at most. However, there is something about adding cream
I say that because I've heard too many abstract pitches about the next paradigm-shifting technology, which I can't relate
As long as humanity has lived, stories have passed from one generation to the next. Stories have been the central focus in paintings by great artists, in beautiful songs by singers, themes for dance performances. Lately, storytelling has made it as a unique learning tool in the classroom as well!