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7. Shopping Standing majestically on the banks of River Yamuna, the Taj Mahal is known as" The Epitome of Love". The beauty
The drama rose to a crescendo as all three leopards now strode out and descended the hill, their hunt coinciding perfectly
FORT KOCHI The two square miles of the Fort Kochi area are what draw the most visitors to Kerala. Water views are never far
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Contrary to what I expected, India is not a country you see, is a country you feel. You have no choice (yes, it will be uncomfortable at times) but to get out of your hard shell of western comforts and open up. In only 1 visit, this is all what India did for me:
I had to pinch myself to confirm it was true. Had I really won a month of India travel through a contest called "You Wander We Pay?"
In January of this year, as a gift to myself, I attended a spiritual adventure throughout North India with my beloved friend and mentor. Having traveled to this spectacular land before, I knew the experience was going to be extraordinary, but I was quite unprepared for the depth of my inner journey.
We're inclined to agree. Buckle up for the most dizzying virtual tour you'll ever take. H/T BoredPanda "This is the way buildings
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If you are camping next to a river, where a party with loud music is going all night, you could be in a couple of locations. You could be in California during spring break or you could be in India during the Kumbh Mela. If your neighbors at the river are sober, respectful, Hindu, and there are millions you are at the Kumbh Mela.
I happened to go to Kochi because I allowed myself to devote some time to idle travel. Not everyone is privileged enough to do this -- I am aware of that -- but for this blog, it is worth going a bit deeper.
We are drawn to places by our dreams, the dreams of our ancestors, and the collective dreaming of people through the centuries. These places are made special for us by what happened there, whether in our personal history or the larger history of the world.
From the Gandhi Museum to the Gateway of India, I may have seen the sites time and again, but I'm not yet jaded or bored with the colors and smells of India to seek refuge in an air-conditioned Italian restaurant like many longtime residents. So what do I do when I return to my native city?
Mandu was once the capital of a northern Indian Muslim state and a flourishing fortress town. Now, it has sat abandoned and
The 270-mile highway links Kashmir to the Ladakh region, which is a tourist-heavy area. On average, snowfall amounts for
India is a country exceedingly rich in culture -- overflowing with the smells, sights and sounds of life. It is both a rewarding and a challenging place to travel.
Ellis explains that the recent mindfulness boom may be playing a part in attracting more visitors to India. Spa experiences
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Travelers looking for something authentically creepy should note that a slew of blood-chilling haunts exist right below their feet in the form of the world's spookiest cemeteries. Plunge into an inspiring mix of history, sculpture and creepy fun.
October's rife with talk of ghosts, goblins and ghouls, but not everybody's down with the undead. For those looking for the flip side to a haunted hotel experience -- more deities than demons -- here are five divinely-linked destinations for a more sacred sojourn.