Donnelly was one of the Senate's most vulnerable Democrats.
Mike Braun has said voters can be sure he's good on health policy because of how well he's treated his workers.
The Indiana senator's gaffe feels quaint in the age of Donald Trump.
The Indiana lawmaker is running as a Trump-leaning Democrat in one of the closest Senate races.
Abandoned houses dominate the landscape and the Indiana National Guard spent the summer bulldozing buildings.
Grandparents, foster parents, teachers and school administrators are on the front lines of this crisis.
Zookeepers are stunned after Zuri fought with long-time mate Nyack.
The alleged victims — ages 16 to 18 — were threatened, intimidated and harassed, police said.
The FBI arrested a man for threatening to kill Boston Globe journalists the same day as the president's comments.
The state's most populous county leans Democratic. Republicans have fought to constrain early voting there for the past decade.
Indiana police say Curtis Gilbert Collman refused to call 911 when his 8-year-old son overdosed.
"I’ve seen folks just break down in tears, folks shake their heads in amazement, folks immediately roll up their sleeves and want to help clean it up."
The First Church of Cannabis argued that Indiana's marijuana laws restrict its religious freedom.
After the nuptials, Pete Buttigieg and Chasten Glezman wore rainbow beads and posed for photos with block party revelers.
The federal judge said the statute ran afoul of federal law that sets specific conditions for when voters can be removed from the rolls.
Former Indiana orchestra teacher John Kluge says addressing trans students by their preferred names is a "dangerous" violation of his religious beliefs.
The research on data from Connecticut and Indiana could bolster the case for red flag laws, which advocates say can also be used to stop other types of shootings.
Jason Seaman said his brave acts were “the only acceptable actions I could have done."
The vulnerable incumbent will criticize the GOP tax law and Mitch McConnell instead.
He defeated two congressmen and will challenge Democratic Sen. Joe Donnelly in November.