Integrative Medicine

Kligler explains. In 2012, demand exceeded the ability to fulfill on meeting patient interest. The Center was operating profitably
Some of these data are from internal system reports. Others are part of the extensive research portfolio led by Dusek. His
To the budgets of the multi-billion juggernauts of the US medical industry inappropriately styled as "healthcare systems
The nation's crisis in pain treatment and need to reduce opioid dependence has lifted a powerful chorus of voices to change
These milestones provide readers a guided walk from the origins of the movement in the "cultural amniotic stew" of the 1960s
One of Westreich's mediums, as the book illustratively describes, is the salon. At key moments, like an expert chef, she
This polarizing reaction was front of mind on this day of the ascension of Trump, the science denier on climate change and
Having said all this, I need to throw out a few words of precaution. If you are trying to lose weight, please check with
Please extend the comment period by (at least) 120 days (to February 11, 2017) so that we may evaluate the impact this important
I believe that this is commonsense. Yet the Catch 22 for medical reform is that commonsense appears not to be an attribute
Even if you make small improvements, you can still greatly improve your heart health.
The startling effects of microbiome restoration shows great promise for the actual healing of so many chronic and inflammatory
The parallel arcs of increase - see the graph below -- in each from 1960s to the present are startling. In his presentation
When physicians help patients come to the profound revelation that childhood adversity plays a role in the chronic illnesses they face now, they help them to heal physically and emotionally at last.
So far, L-theanine has shown minimal adverse side effects on young patients, making it an especially compelling form of therapy for researchers to look into in the future. If you're considering taking L-theanine, be sure to consult your doctor prior to beginning a new regimen.
I called these the "hot-tub claims" of the integrative practitioners. These were beliefs most held, prior to much hard evidence
I watched as her belly rose, her waist stretched for the corners of the room, and her chest lifted toward the ceiling. Just when I thought the exhale was approaching, she invited in more and more air, and then, as slowly as she took it in, she let it go.
The astonishing headline last month that medical errors are the 3rd most significant cause of death in the USA -- at an estimated