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So what do you need to make a successful transition? After 15 years of living abroad, we have some pointers... Moving abroad
Bonaire Margarita Island Venezuela Chapada Diamantina ______________ By the same author: Bussing The Amazon: On The Road
(For an up to date look at all of the health risks in every country around the world, and recommended or required vaccines
Vilcabamba Gocta Swimming With Fidel: The Toils Of An Accidental Journalist, available on Kindle, with free excerpts here
Communication: When we first moved abroad, expensive long distance phone calls were really the only way to talk with friends
What are some things not to do in Canada? originally appeared on Quora - the place to gain and share knowledge, empowering
Northern Patagonia from Chiloe Island Tierra del Fuego - Ushuaia Chile The second in the series on mountains and volcanoes
Nadi Solomon Islands Rarotonga Fiji Colo-i-Suva Pohnpei Hawaii Makira Bora Bora Moorea as seen from Tahiti ______________ By
Is there a growing feeling of animosity in Mexico toward the incoming U.S. president and his administration? Yes...but bear
We're settling in. And so are plenty of other foreign retirees. It's a trend we expect will continue. For so many worthy
Bremer Island Gunlom Falls Echidna chasm Kakadu National Park, Kambolgie Lake Argyle Bar Harbor Cape York, Seisia Baddeck
Brunei Danau Toba Bandar Seri Begawan Manado Kelimutu, Pained Lakes - this one's a cheat actually because it's sunrise Yangshuo
Corsica, Propriano Northern Ireland, near Giants' Causeway Fjords north of Molde ______________ By the same author: Bussing
This is especially true on the Caribbean side, where it's tempting to say that each succeeding cove is lovelier than the
When my wife, Suzan, and I first became serious about moving abroad, one of the first things we did to prepare was take some basic Spanish lessons at the local community college.
Beyond, in Mt. Irvine Bay, a former sugar plantation with a little mill dating from the time of slavery has cindarella-ed
In Hua Hin, Thailand, a retiree's monthly budget of $610 includes a weekly massage for $8, health insurance, and a round of golf. It also covers eating out at least twice a day.
As we write this, a polar vortex is swooping down from the Arctic and clutching much of the upper U.S. in its bitter embrace.
The lake, surrounded by lush cashew and mango tree, and factories for pitch refinement, 'lives and breathes' in constant
A friend recently shared an article with us about a fully renovated 15th-century chateau that sits on 180 acres in the French countryside. You can rent it for $2,800 a month.