Interracial Families

When I met my husband, I wasn’t making a conscious decision to be with someone who wasn’t Indian or Sikh.
IVFML hosts Simon Ganz and Anna Almendrala discuss why this common adoption question hurts infertile couples.
I worry about how to raise her to be a strong black woman while embracing the country that she and her mother come from.
The growth coincides with the rise of interracial marriages.
Obama had originally campaigned for the presidency, in part, on the complexity of his racial background. As the brown-skinned
"They'll have extensive conversations about cheese. I learn a new cheese every time I go to Connecticut."
"I have a black daughter. And yet I still have that %$#%$@ bias."
"I'm a product of this thing that everyone was against."
We cannot simply applaud the reality of interracial or interreligious households but rather we must work hard to open the conversation about America's diverse population even wider to be able to include, respect, and perhaps even love, everyone.
As educators, we are in the unique position to break the chains of discrimination within the boundaries of our classrooms. We can work with our parents, community members and administrators to bring diversity to our schools on a regular basis.
It wasn't Old Navy who taught me this word, but a cyber mob of Twitter users attacking Old Navy. Why did so many people feel the need to attack an All-American clothing retailer?