Interracial Relationships

"We don’t do gay weddings or mixed race," a woman at the venue in Booneville explained in a now-viral cellphone video.
Jean Cramer ended her Marysville City Council race after widespread backlash over a slew of racist comments she made.
A misshapen swastika and misspelled slur were spray-painted on a garage next to the scene.
When I met my husband, I wasn’t making a conscious decision to be with someone who wasn’t Indian or Sikh.
The school board had previously voted unanimously to change the school's name from "Lee" back in June.
“I think it’s so important to see a confident, outspoken, man bun-sporting Asian man on screen," says actor Alexander Hodge.
It's been 52 years since Loving v. Virginia, the Supreme Court case that ended racial discrimination for marriage.
Real talk on dating apps, fetishization and parental expectations.
A new poll asked Americans about racism after the violence in Charlottesville.
In the 1930s, Hollywood's strict set of moral guidelines called The Hays Code, forbade the depiction of interracial love in film. Needless to say, the portrayal of relationships between races has changed since then. This year, "Get Out" a film that stars an interracial couple, smashed box office expectations, earning more than $100 million since its debut in February.
Depicting interracial love on screen has taken over 70 years for Hollywood to fully achieve.
Apparently, as a black man, I owe it to myself and to black men everywhere to date inside my race only.
The film’s social commentary on interactions between races cannot be escaped.
Hollywood’s tumultuous relationship with interracial love went from banned to Jordan Peele’s "Get Out" going #1 at the box office.
A couple recounts how a Civil Rights tour took them from platonic friendship to their wedding day.
Obama had originally campaigned for the presidency, in part, on the complexity of his racial background. As the brown-skinned