Interracial Relationships

A Republican congresswoman was brought to tears over the idea of marriage equality as she begged colleagues to vote against the Respect for Marriage Act.
The Tokyo Olympics gymnastics champ talked about coping with celebrity and the magic of self-affirmations as she began her second year at Auburn University.
"The Daily Show" showed one image that explains why so many House Republicans voted against the Respect for Marriage Act.
"How's Uncle Clarence feeling about Overturning Loving v. Virginia?" the actor tweeted, referring to the 1967 ruling that protected interracial marriage.
Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas argued that same-sex marriages don't merit federal protection. His own marriage, however, could also be at risk.
For the first time, I saw what it meant for someone to be surrounded by elders who are always mourning a lost home.
The HBO show tackled uncomfortable parenting truths in an explosive fight between Condola, played by Christina Elmore, and Jay Ellis' Lawrence.
"I had no idea what a mixed-orientation marriage was ... until I suddenly found myself in one."
Illustrator Simon Ip is glad to give representation to gay and interracial couples.