"If you put on pants at all today, then you’ve failed your Sunday."
We can all stand to steal from quiet types, according to experts.
"While this isn’t a political account, I’ll pledge to vote for any candidate who gets rid of icebreaker activities."
"I just got stressed out by someone else’s weekend plans."
I know summer camp would have been dreadful for me as a kid but as an adult, I can’t wait to go back.
Whether you're an introvert or just a shy person, this advice will make you look at networking events differently.
"Open floor plans are an elaborate scheme by extroverts to lower the productivity of introverts..."
"Every room is an escape room when you're an introvert."
"It’s all fun and games until someone replies to your text with a phone call."
"The worst possible thing I can see on an uber drivers reviews is 'great conversation.' #introvertproblems"
"As an introvert, I get more excited when someone invites me to an event than actually attending."
That co-worker you have nothing in common with, that cute guy at the bar, even your sister-in-law's cousin.
"Introvert" smells "as good as canceling plans feels."
"Sorry I didn't answer my phone when you called. I don't use it for that."