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With mouth-watering gyoza, flavourful okonomiyaki, and spicy curry hot pots, Japanese food extends far beyond sushi and you
Snuggle up in a cozy Parisian café, wander the frosty Jardin des Tuileries before stopping off at The Louvre or eyeing up
2. Belmond Andean Explorer, Peru Traveling through the Peruvian Andes on one of the highest-altitude rail lines in the world
Japan is a wonderful destination for travelers who love art and culture. These local expressions range from pop culture cute
This destination is gaining fame, for good reason.
Japan (called as Nippon in Japanese) is an island country that is located in the East Asia. As the concept of traveling and
Praying and buying charms at Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines famous for lucky attributes are Japanese rites of passage at every stage of life. Given our passion for pretty, why should beauty be any exception? For centuries, women (and men) have sought a spiritual cosmetic boost from two famous Kyoto shrines: Kawai Jinja and Utsukushi Gozensha.
As beautiful as traditional ryokans or inns in the Japanese countryside can be, they are sometimes intimidating, at least to my wife and me. There are procedures and rules known to most of their clients but not to us -- and reading about them goes only so far once you've actually arrived at the front door.
...and that's not even the weirdest part.