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Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby, adapted from F. Scott Fitzgerald's literary classic, takes place in the summer of 1922, in an era of debauchery and decadence. These hotels evoke images of Gatsby's seductive revelries.
There is a Jay Gatbsy in all of us. Despite our best efforts to be content and happy with what ever our current circumstances are, we have evolved to want more. More what?
Luhrmann's film works because it gives us the stunning visuals to a place and time few of us have any memory of.
The "crazy" Zelda that has emerged in our popular imagination is as much Scott's making as The Great Gatsby itself. This is, in and of itself, part of the F. Scott legacy. His work depended on Zelda's silence.
In 1926, F. Scott Fitzgerald and his family were in France, spending most of their time on the Riviera where Baz Luhrmann's movie of The Great Gatsby will open the Cannes Film Festival tonight.
Gatsby is all the rage just now, especially Baz Luhrmann's movie rendition of F. Scott Fitzgerald's 1925 novel, The Great Gatsby. And you must have some water-cooler-worthy questions to toss out because, from what I can gather, it's all anybody is talking about.
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Much is being asked this week of how "true" or "faithful" to the novel Baz Luhrmann's movie is. These words of passionate fidelity are somewhat misplaced, always, when speaking of translating any artistic work from one medium to another.
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