Jill Biden

“We would never even discuss something like that," the first lady said of GOP candidate Nikki Haley's idea.
There's “pretty much” nothing left to do but choose the time and place Biden's reelection announcement, Jill Biden said.
The first lady made her first stop in Namibia.
First lady Jill Biden is going to the Super Bowl to cheer on her beloved Philadelphia Eagles against the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday in Arizona.
Univision's Edwin Pitti probably didn't get the answer he wanted from the vice president about the viral kiss.
The Irish lead singer of U2 was invited to attend the speech because of his advocacy and philanthropic support for global health and AIDS relief initiatives.
Shervin Hajipour appeared stunned after hearing Jill Biden announce that he'd won.
The conservative commentator was triggered by the smallest thing.
The White House says surgeons have removed a cancerous lesion above first lady Jill Biden’s right eye, as well as another cancerous lesion on her chest.
“In an abundance of caution, doctors have recommended that it be removed,” White House physician Kevin O’Connor said.