John Galliano

Art has been with us through the ages; painting, architecture and sculpture have always been the epitome of art rarely if
I believe the timing for this traveling exhibition is perfect as well. The world is in upheaval but, at the risk of sounding like a modern-day Marie Antoinette of sorts, let us wear glamour!
Even if you don't follow the world of high fashion, Dana Thomas' dual biography of British designers John Galliano and Alexander McQueen is one of the nonfiction titles of the year.
“I am an alcoholic. I am an addict,” he said. “This is in no way an excuse. We alcoholics and we addicts are not responsible
It spans three floors and includes more than 140 articles of clothing shown alongside Chinese costumes, paintings, porcelains, film and other objects. Yeah, it's massive.
“It was brilliant,” Wintour told WWD. “What I loved was the mix: There was so much that we know and we love about John, but
From pirate costumes to a lab coat: John Galliano, one of fashion’s most romantic, theatrical and controversial designers
He's back... While it's not easy to forget the hurtful words Galliano used, it seems as though at least the fashion world
While the melding of so many different personalities and styles is what makes a place like Club 57 magic, the work of Keith Haring, Steven Sprouse and Leigh Bowery made a lasting impression on me, and their work seems more relevant than ever today.
In my tweens, teens and twenties, dancing and music were the nucleus of my existence. Together, they fed my soul and heart, and were the outlet for my self-expression (along with hairpieces and eyeliner).
While many still haven't forgiven Galliano for his anti-Semitic rant back in 2011, Moss and the designer are close friends
We are never going to stop others from saying things in public or thinking things behind the closed doors of their mind. But we do have a choice to not let ourselves be burdened by words.
But don't think de la Renta grown soft when it comes to forgiveness -- the 81-year-old's sympathy only extends so far. When
Just finished watching the interview with John Galliano on Charlie Rose and wanted to share my response. I was glad to finally
Rose didn't go easy on the designer, saying, "You can't look for an excuse in what you have done, and you can't, in a sense
Galliano describes "hearing the rustle of the taffeta" and "being able to smell the perfume on the girl." The glee that once was Galliano's shines through still, alive and well. Galliano brings fairy tales to life, although he's been very close to losing his own.
Like many of his supporters, Galliano connects his comments to his alcoholism and drug addiction. "I didn't need alcohol