Want to use your time more wisely? Start keeping better track of it.
Muskrat is at it sounds, and its small size means more work for those that trap them, that more some so often than not, do
Learning to open the heart, to listen to, respect and trust what we feel, is one of life's most powerful teachings. For the
How are you going to spread the love this Valentine's Day? There are so many opportunities to spread the love on Valentine's
The key for me is engagement and self-accountability. Does this goal have meaning and am I inspired to participate fully
I'll stop there. Just know you are loved. <3 Sofia Rose Smith is a queer feminist writer, channel, intuitive guide and coach
All people who achieve their dreams possess this one undramatic, unwavering and robust quality. They are willing to do what
Continuing to wish that our actions or words had been different means we're really not here in the present, we're living
In order to spend more time in the house of joy, my New Year's resolution for 2017 is to spend time every day: Sitting in
Martha 1. Take time to complete 2016. Touch all file folders, electronic and physical, toss what is not in active use, clean
Mahatma Gandhi is attributed with saying, "Be the change you wish to see in the world." Although there is no empirical evidence
If you've been given the gift to be an artist, consider yourself lucky! Art has the power to transform, illuminate, educate