Want to use your time more wisely? Start keeping better track of it.
Often foods are not a source of a necessity, but rather they are to keep the traditions alive. New Jersey is a state of diversity
Learning to open the heart, to listen to, respect and trust what we feel, is one of life's most powerful teachings. For the
Whatever you choose, do it with joy and revel in pleasure, which incidentally is the best way to magnetize more love your
I am starting with 4 simple games daily. Just renaming them as games is engaging in itself: I worked with a client last week
And then, you know, love those wounds, lick those wounds, rub oil on those wounds, bathe those wounds. Transform those wounds
Being willing is about consistent, applied, focused energy to do what it takes to achieve your desires. Because when you
A new year has a very special effect: it makes us feel like we have the chance to start over, to do things better this time
1. Reminding myself what my purpose in life is (to help others, to uplift those who are sorrowing, to be a light, to find
1. Take time to complete 2016. Touch all file folders, electronic and physical, toss what is not in active use, clean up
"Usually my New Year's Resolution is to hit the gym more, eat better like most people, but it goes out the door in a week
There is a need in all human beings to ease this loneliness by creating bonds with other people, by sharing our life experiences