Julia Child

The restaurant world is still a boys club and that can mean trouble for women in the kitchen.
All Glimmerglass production photos by Karli Cadel My summer of rarities by Gioachino Rossini continued with a presentation
"I got Michelin stars. You're like the Michelin man."
Make no mistake: Jacques Pepín is the single greatest cooking instructor in the history of food television.
It's really quite fun and simple. You can see results right away: you just focus on a virtue (like courage, resourcefulness, friendliness or wonder), cook up an appropriate recipe that reinforces that virtue and make the idea sizzle and stick.
On coming to America: "When I arrived in the kitchen here I think the 10th or 11th of September 1959, the day after I went
You'll meet two kinds of cooks in this world. First, there are the ones who don't care one bit how you clean your mushrooms. Then, there's the other kind of cook, the one who thinks washing fungi is the worst sort of culinary blasphemy. Who's right?