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Amidst the frenetic pace of holiday party season (often one after the next) tips like tested menu favorites and hassle free décor offer a welcome respite from the pace and pressure of holiday hosting.
My schedule is a constant juggling act of work, travel, family events, and a litany of hockey games. Finding the perfect gift can be a tricky and time consuming affair. Enter the Internet.
All Hallows Eve is an event ushered in annually at my home with great fanfare, enthusiasm, and a liberal amount of custom wigs... In my book, it is a holiday dedicated to reinvention, bold self-expression, creativity, and wild costuming. A chance to pay homage to my muses or even become them for a day.
Home sweet home! Martha Stewart Living Magazine, Winter 1990. #tbt It's finally Friday and that means we're rounding up our
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As the seasons change, my inspiration turns to the rocknrolla brood -- much like fall, rocker chic is all about accessorizing. This week I am paying tribute to my favorite music and style icons with a guide to Fall pieces dedicated to rock n' roll.
Cool big idea for a party. Xk Fun dinner tonight to launch my new fabrics at #ThomasLavin #LA ... #redO #Melrose ...Following
Iconic, sensuous, delicate, punk -- Pink is a chameleon. It can be pretty and refined or rebellious and tough, all based on its environment and beholder.
Photo by THOMAS WHITESIDE/HOUSE BEAUTIFUL Getting a peek inside a fabulous home is always a treat, but it's especially exciting
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Our favorite room in the house, and Diaz's as well, is the kitchen. While most of the home has a neutral palette, the duo
There's something you can learn (aside from color tips) from this fabulous designer.
After hearing about her extreme health routine, we're totally not surprised.
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Ladies, ever have one of those weeks? Where there is too much to do, not enough time to do it in, and you're so tired from trying to do it all that what you actually do is riddled errors and self-doubt, making you want to put your head down and cry like a baby?