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Dr. Mark Hyman, author of "Eat Fat, Get Thin," tells us that fat is one of the body’s most basic building blocks and explains three of the many health benefits that come along with incorporating more fat into your diet.
D. IF can work but it's not for everyone, and is just one of many effective approaches, for improving health, performance
Can low-carb diets really help people lose weight? Of course they can. But that doesn't necessarily make them your best choice. In fact, if you exercise regularly, reducing your carb intake too far can be a bad idea.
So skip the sugary cereals and the second spaghetti helping, but get your fill of squash, beans, fruit, quinoa, oatmeal and
The diet also caused waves after Ashton Kutcher revealed that his all-fruit regimen -- his weight loss strategy to play the
The Internet age provides huge opportunities for the scope and impact of the hunger strike to raise awareness and support. But there is also a danger that some will be lost in cyberspace.
What makes the K-E diet truly appalling is that it transforms a medical therapy into the indulgence of a short-term, short-sighted, vanity-driven whim. It opens up a whole new world of shockingly bad ideas.