The senator has a solid track record when it comes to fighting for children's rights, children's advocates say.
“Baby Shark” is a hit song with the toddler set, and it’s now hit the Billboard charts.
While he was in office, former President Barack Obama loved greeting kids. Now that he’s two years out of office, it seems like nothing has changed.
When a child is killed in a violent act, it should be abundantly clear that we have a problem in this country
Nancy Pelosi's granddaughter and Rep. Rashida Tlaib's sons brought their A-game to Congress.
Parents can use Netflix's New Year's Eve countdowns that to make kids think it's midnight whenever they want.
"It's called winter break because it breaks a parent's will to live."
Studies show Trump’s immigration policies create a hostile environment that harms Latino parents and children.
The federal plan is “a significant step backward in progress to end lead poisoning for children in the United States,” a health justice scholar said.
An emergency phone for kids you can feel good about.
For 98 years, snowball fights were banned in Severance, Colorado. Now, thanks to 9-year-old Dane Best, kids can finally enjoy a classic winter pastime.
Medical experts say tear gas can cause serious physical and psychological harm in children.
To the Supreme Court justice’s widow, Maureen Scalia, the president remarked, "Wow."
"These children need this. They don't have anywhere else to go.” Only 55% of child farmworkers graduate from high school because many have no choice but to work in the fields. The East Coast Migrant Head Start Project is trying to change that.
Celine Dion launched a gender-neutral clothing line for kids as only she can.