Kitchen Ideas

4. Let wood add warmth. One of the most common complaints about neutral kitchens is that they appear too sterile. Some even
Custom Salts While the debate rages on as to whether or not salt is good or bad for you, remember that a little bit of good
Just when you thought you had it all figured out.
Antiqued mirrored glass brings a softly reflective element to a room and makes a wonderful material for a backsplash. It's practical and easy to wipe down, but it also boosts the feeling of space and creates depth.
You can place a microwave high, low, out of sight or within easy reach, and there are pros and cons for every choice. Here's a look at those advantages and disadvantages, so you can figure out the kitchen configuration that's right for you.
From the slam and squeak of a screen door to the scent of berry pie wafting from its windowsill cooling spot, summer in the kitchen can stir up cravings for times gone by (or at least their style).
In our opinion, the best kitchens are those that look like the homeowners actually cook! Whether your kitchen is dated, classic, modern, or trendy, styling adds much-appreciated warmth and personality. Nothing beats having friends and family gather in the kitchen to chat and eat, so make it inviting!
Forget the daffodils, Southern Californians know it's spring when the annual Pasadena Designer Showcase House for the Arts (PSHA) opens its decorated doors to the public.
COLOR According to a 2014 kitchen trend report from Houzz, white kitchen counters and backsplashes rule. But Fulk makes a
I'm not sure I could tell you exactly when the jumble hits critical mass, but I do know it's something that happens to the best of us. These ideas are tailor made for the messily inclined.
Have you noticed that the state of your kitchen can make a huge difference in how your entire home feels? When things aren't running as they should, the smallest tasks (making breakfast, putting away groceries) can feel like a hassle.
Through trial and error, DIYs have given people opportunities to make meaningful gifts for loved ones, beauty products and much more. But who knew you could remodel an entire room?
Hang A Few Nice Plates On The Wall Contemporary Kitchen by Gastonia Interior Designers & Decorators Emily A. Clark Add Interesting
Create A Pocket Library Contemporary Kitchen by San Francisco Architects & Designers Studio Sarah Willmer Place It Under
We spend so much time in our kitchens (it's where everyone always ends up in my home when I'm entertaining), so they should be efficient and feel-good places in which to hang out.
Amateur foodies take note: If you want an apartment with an awesome kitchen, you'll pretty much have to live in a city. That's
The end results are pretty astonishing. We particularly love the blue stove which adds just the right amount of color to