I genuinely believe the luminous prize of vitality -- more years of life, more life in years -- is tantalizingly, almost agonizingly within reach. But until more of us can agree we do know what, there simply is no how.
A famous frog once crooned: "It's not easy being green," but I beg to differ.
Your brand is your unique and special skills, talents and know-how that raise you above the swarming masses of job seekers.
Shampoo An unconventional choice for sure, but dish soap can be used instead of shampoo. A tipster at the money-saving site
Scuff Eraser On a vinyl floor, scuff marks can become a daily nuisance. To erase these imperfections, simply dab a little
Rubber bands are the unsung heroes of the workplace, offering an easy way to keep giant file folders and other random papers bundled together. For most people, that might be the only job for these lowly office supplies. But there are a bunch of new uses for rubber bands--here are just a few of my favorites.
What do you with your prescription pill bottles when you finish taking its contents? Turn them into containers, emergency kits and more. Here are my favorite uses for this everyday item.
Even though your ice cube tray is constantly being run under water, it can still be one of the smelliest gadgets in your
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As we're transitioning more and more into a paperless society, there's one thing we might not miss: ink stains. Namely, the
This common pain reliever can be used long after that headache goes away. From plant 'Prozac' to a surprising way to soothe sunburns, here are a few unusual household hints.
PAINTER'S HELPER Plastic bags are must when painting. You can line your paint tray with a bag, making it much easier to clean