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Emma McNail for HuffPost
Could entitled, nosy parents be one of the reasons there's a teacher shortage? We asked teachers themselves.
Parents can work on raising children who embrace diversity and inclusion when they're babies and toddlers.
This school year, moms ― and their inboxes ― need a break.
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The back-to-school outfits, bags and haircuts have certainly changed.
It seems fairly obvious that a classroom would be equipped with these items, but often they are not.
Here are some things to go over with your child before they head off with their backpack.
The return to class means exposure to germs. Here are some of the things teachers do to prevent getting sick.
PSA: Bathrooms actually aren't at the top of the list.
Transferring a child into another class is a big ask. Here are some things to consider.
"On the first day of school you cry because your babies are growing up too fast, but after the 1st week of school you're like get out of my car."
These kids have different needs at the start of school — and all year long.