Life Lessons

Adulthood has thus far taught me one critical lesson in life: In every turn, make better choices.
"This is the first time I've even talked about it out loud."
These vital lessons resonated with me and they can help guide you, as well.
All this time, I thought I was teaching them.
You may also be ashamed to leave this person because you've kept their behavior a secret all this time. Perhaps your friends
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Life is simply too short to be friends with toxic individuals -- and plus, there's a lot of great people out there. 4. Success
3. You may not end up with the love of your life. And that's okay. Maybe that person was meant to show up in your life in
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This holiday season marked the 10th anniversary of the first shoe drive I held that eventually snowballed into the nonprofit
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Now is better than then, but then is still in my now. There I am, holding court over the proceedings, a young self-conscious
Traveling to Antarctica captures part of your soul and drops you in a majestic, serene, unlivable and harsh world where you
Back in the nineties, I decided to marry the sexiest loser in the city. My dad was so naive, he ran a background check on
Why? Brill's approach after that moment of clarity was bold- yes, she wanted to build a better cookie; but, more importantly