Like An Olympian

On race-day breakfast: I try not to change it up too much on race day. I'm a big oatmeal fan. For my every-morning breakfast
Welcome to our "Like An Olympian" series, where HuffPost Healthy Living takes a look at lifestyle and fitness lessons from
We all know it takes a focused fitness routine, a balanced diet and some quality sleep to power Olympians to the podium. But
There's more to learn from Jeremy Abbott: He took a tough tumble during his short program and lay on the ice in pain for
We all know that getting a good night's sleep can really make a big difference the next day. You wake up feeling refreshed
In Chu's rigorous training on and off the rink, she focuses on core and lower-body moves -- 'cause when she's making her way across the ice in a game, someone's usually right on her tail.
Music is an amazing tool for athletes to use when they are getting ready to train or compete.
I don't really listen to music while I'm warming up to compete, as I like taking in the sounds and the scenes on race day. I do, however, blast music with my teammates as we're getting ready to leave for our venue.
In this video brought to us by AsapScience, we get to take a look inside a variety of those diets, from a cross-country skier's
These songs are just fun. Some have faster beats, some slower, but all are great to sing to and energize me.